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Public Service Annoucement – 30 SecondsPublic Service Announcement – 30 Seconds
Public Service Annoucement – 60 SecondsPublic Service Announcement – 60 Seconds


Holding Muslims At Arm’s Length by Abdus Sattar Ghazali
Obama’s apology lessens the snub from Muslim shunning by Rummana Hussain. Previously published in the Chicago Sun-Times.
An Interview with Javed Jabbar, Pakistan’s Former Minister of Information: The Volatile Mistress by Wajahat Ali
American Opinions, Muslims, and the Media by Abiya Ahmed
President Carter Speaks at U.C. Berkeley campus by Irfan Rydhan
Acts of Terrorism by Joseph Strohmier

Review of 300 – Originally printed on AltMuslim.com and reprinted here with permission: The Killing of an Arab, or 10,000 of Them: How I Went to See a War and a Fox Editorial Broke Out

We have also done a few newsletters which contain articles about Islam in the media. Here’s the most recent newsletter:

Media and Islam February 2009

The following are from 2005. InshAllah, more past issues will be posted and we also hope to continue newsletters in the near future.

Media and Islam Issue 1

Media and Islam Issue 3

Media and Islam Issue 4

Media and Islam Issue 6

Media and Islam Issue 7

Media and Islam May 2007


The SBIA Media Committee created a DVD for masjids in the United States about Media Activism within the masjids, presented here in 3 parts -

Muslim Media Activism Part 1:

Muslim Media Activism Part 2:

Muslim Media Activism Part 3:


Coming Soon!